Date: May 11, 2021

Frank Wiedemann presents Bigamo Musik 

Frank Wiedemann, founder of the legendary label Innervisions and also one half of Âme as well as Howling with RY X and Schwarzmann with Henrik Schwarz, presents one of his most heartfelt projects – Bigamo Musik. The label is dedicated to all the virtuoso sound artists whose unconventional electronic harmonies are not necessarily at home on the dancefloors of this world, yet are undoubtedly balm for the soul and a musical delicacy.  

Joram Feitsma 

Ever since the DutchmaJoram Feitsma first came in contact with the entrancing beauty of neo-classical music in his youth, it has become a musical thread in his life. More than that, he finds himself in the abysses of his minimalist harmonies. The warm, soulful melancholy of his compositions carries the listener into an undreamt-of vastness and can easily be compared to the likes of Nils Frahm or Joep Beving. After recording his first compositions at home at the age of 18, the aspiring artist released his celebrated debut album “Under” on Frank Wiedemann’s label Bigamo Musik in 2019. 





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