Date: May 10, 2021

Kryptox presents: 

In cooperation with German jazz label Kryptox, which specializes in the most exciting cutting edge artists of Germany’s finest in jazz, electronica and new classical music, XJAZZ Festival is more than pleased to invite you on an adventurous musical journey that will leave you in awe, soothe your soul and will also make you dance.

Compagni di Merende (Otis Sandsjö, Dan Peter Sundland, Niklas Wandt) 

What happens when you mix an electronic producer who is trained in free jazz with two of the most acclaimed jazz artists of the Berlin scene? Honestly, we don’t really know. Expect the already otherworldly soundscapes of Niklas Wandt fused with the Dan Peter Sundland’s formidable deconstructed electric bass and the free spirit of Otis Sandsjö who has made genre-bending musical masterpieces with the likes of Y-Otis, Koma Saxo and Lucia Cadotsch. In short – get ready for free music at its best – intuitive, direct and ascetic yet ecstatic. 




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