Past Editions

XJAZZ is the alternative jazz festival in Berlin that looks beyond the stylistic boundaries and enjoys the “crossover” of jazz, electronica and neo-classic styles. Through unconventional communication and a young lineup, XJAZZ reaches a much younger audience than comparable jazz festivals worldwide. With over 80 concerts in 12 locations and 21.000 reached spectators, XJAZZ is the biggest jazz festival in Berlin.

We don’t see jazz as just a style, for us it expresses more of an attitude. Jazz means curiosity, improvisation, groove. By opening up to improvised electronic music or neo-classical music, jazz gets the “hip” relevance back that it had in the ’50s. Especially the younger generation is clearly more open, unacademic and less elitist in its understanding of the whole genre. We use principles in the programming which consciously focus on contrasts and the previously unknown. And so it is that
the technonerd is standing next to the university teacher and together they watch the performance of a young Berlin jazz trio.

Berlin is one of the largest cultural hubs worldwide. XJAZZ presents the city’s ever-changing scene. Many national and above all international artists have in recent years chosen Berlin as their home. Thus one can create an international festival, where the artists arrive to the festival even by bicycle.

Turkey, Israel and Iceland were partner countries of the XJAZZ in the past. With musicians from the respective countries band projects were initiated and also the scene already living in Berlin was brought in. With the partner countries there is a two-way exchange – this is how XJAZZ was already presented in Reykjavik, Tel Aviv and Istanbul.