Bi Nuu

Im Schlesischen Tor, Berlin, Deutschland

Sun, 20 Nov 2016
Doors open: 19:00
Show starts: 20:00

Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu

Musician and composer Jimi Tenor has never settled for the traditional role of a pop artist. He is known as a productive musician whose work lies beyond current trends, and also as a performer who combines the finest elements of afro-american music, spontaneous silliness and shameless glamour in an original way. Besides being a professional musician for almost 30 years, Jimi Tenor has also practised photography, directed short films and designed clothes and musical instruments. The electro-mechanic instruments built by Jimi Tenor and designer Matti Knaapi are not intended to be pieces of art on display at exhibitions, though have sometimes ended up as such. They emerge from musical needs, and are mainly made of scrap material. The instruments have been used at full blast during recording and on stage, so some of them have been wrecked. By certain external resemblance, stage image and interest in the visual arts he is often called the Andy Warhol of music scene. Jimi Tenor is recently faced by the critics in a row with such giants of music like Sun Ra, Fela Kuti and Charlie Mingus. Today Jimi Tenor is an established European artist who operates outside the mainstream. His audience consists of clubbers and alternative rock enthusiasts looking for new perspective, but also of jazz and funk rebels. Those who understand that even unconventional pop music can move your body and heart.