Lausitzer Platz 8A, Berlin, Germany

Thu, 05 May 2016
Doors open: 22:45
Show starts: 23:15

Präsentiert vom Reeperbahn Festival

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra

“....All my travels the last years, has made me realize, where I’m from, and what makes me me. I want the music to reflect that. I’ve realized that the melodies I hear in my head, are simple melodies. Just like the songs from my country. That’s what I want to hear in my music.... a boy from Denmark who meets the big world.... “ Kenneth Dahl Knudsen In a few years, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, has made himself a name on the european jazzscene, and is one of the busiest bassplayers out there. With a warm strong tone, and a clear scandinavian colour in his playing, he has created a name for himself, as a bassist and as a composer.