Pfuelstraße 5, Berlin, Deutschland

Sat, 12 May 2018
Show starts: 23:00

Komfortrauschen / Ameli Paul

Minimal techno live is playing comfort noise with drums, bass and guitar. They create an electroacoustic live set, which not only encourages listening and watching, but also the exuberant dancing. The tracks are energetic, playful and impulsive, but always deep and distorted. Sounds that fit into both dark basement clubs and the jazz stages of the world.

Ameli Paul

Ameli Paul is the symbiosis of live instruments, vocals with analog effects and organically electronic downbeat productions. A dreamy and danceable sound for immersion, drifting and lost. Paul was able to develop his own sound as Paul Valentin and Ameli is at home in several projects of different genres. Through their combination they create goosebumps moments that remain even after the performance.