Baumhaus Bar

Falckensteinstraße 48, 10997, Berlin, Deutschland

Fri, 06 May 2016
Doors open: 19:15
Show starts: 19:45

Miss Kenichi

Miss Kenichi is a songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist. She has released two albums so far and though her first two more low-key albums were well recieved amongst critic and audience, her new album "The Trail" which will be released Nov.14th 2014 is a giant leap forward. Dark like the woods, but with shafts of light piercing through the trees, "The Trail" is a record that initially seems full of shadows and glooms, but whose beauty lends it a vital optimism. Leaning lyrically upon the nature amid which she grew up, with frequent references to mountains, rivers, storms and skies scattered throughout, "The Trail" is full of songs that outgrow their origins, thriving and blossoming as they develop. With "The Trail", Miss Kenichi has created an album that is boundlessly immersive, full of wisdom, grace and wonder.