Kantine Am Berghain

Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, Deutschland

Mon, 26 Mar 2018
Show starts: 20:00

SiGRÚN / Cell7 / Hermigervill

+ Beatmakin Troopa (Dj Set)

Sigrun is a composer, vocalist, and multi- instrumentalist who has been noted for her work touring with artists such as Björk, Florence and the Machine, and Sigurrós. SiGRÚN released her debut EP Hringsjá in August 2016, closely followed by a second release Tog in December. Her work is based around shaded experimental compositions, urgent and compelling. Complex harmonies carried by heavy electronic beats. She finds herself currently working on her next release based in Reykjavik. Mit Hi-Hats und Trompeten - sowie, klar, Akkordeon - tanzen die vielseitigen Sechs gleichzeitig zart auf der Filterbubble und sind dabei doch entschieden politisch; spielen akustisch und trotzdem Disco. So erzählt der Seemanns-Albumtitel („das Schiff auf Kurs halten“) auch nicht von geradliniger Stabilität, sondern von hohem Wellengang und der Beständigkeit, die man im Schwanken findet.

Cell7 (IS)
Ragna aka Cell7 a native born emcee who emerged with the first Icelandic hip-hop band Subterranean in 1998. Their first album Central Magnetizm was well received by the public and sold out quickly. In the same year the band was voted the most promising band at the Icelandic Music Awards. Subterranean opened for several artists such as: The Fugees and De La Soul.

“There’s no one in the Icelandic rap scene quite like Cell7. While other artists pair up with DJs and favour trap-adjacent beats, the Filipino-Icelandic rhymer fronts a funk band. While she doesn’t shy away from the political statements of some of her contemporaries, she also seems unbelievably casual and comfy, ready to go wild.” Dazed Digital, Meet the women running Iceland’s rap scene, Lior Philips

“Like M.I.A., she draws musically from a broader cultural palette and her songs are damn catchy and her lyrics are fresh and clever ... her songs are pretty dope.” KEXP Seattle, Top Ten List, Jim Beckmann

Hermigervill (IS)
There's a rumour that within every household in Iceland there lives at least three musicians. Not because all musicians live together, but because so many Icelanders make music and release it under different names. The cold, dark winter days must helps them stay indoors to practise, as does a good sense of humour and a healthy music culture. It's this magical musical country that eccentric artists, Hermigervill calls home. The producer from Reykjavik not only produced records for Berndsen, Retro Stefson & FM Belfast but he also released four records with self-written material, two of which were electronic adaptations of traditional Iceland pop songs. He's planning a new album for 2018, having tested the new songs while supporting Retro Stefson on their European tour.