Baumhaus Bar

Falckensteinstraße 48, 10997, Berlin, Deutschland

Sat, 07 May 2016
Doors open: 19:15
Show starts: 19:45


Founded as an acoustic instrumental jazz-quartet, the project around award-winning drummer and composer Christian Tschuggnall wandered off more and more into bigger sonic realms. By doing this they still remain their dogma to keep the „song“ as the highest good to be transported to the audience.

Up until their debut-record „Snooze-On“ they followed this idea entirely without vocals, just with the instruments saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. Despite complex arrangements and compositional density, the band protects their songs like a sheperd, to bring them to the audience as directly as possible.

With time going on there developed a inner circle among the band members around composer and drummer Christian Tschuggnall, guitarist Charis Karantzas and saxophonist Markus Ehrlich, which understood themselves more and more as music-producers. With their new album „Drawn“, which releases in May 2016 on the Berlin-based label Contemplate Music, the band expands their sound and instrumentation drastically. Using the original quartet as a basis, they enlarge the band sound with vocals, string quartet, piano, vibes, horns, lap-and pedal steel guitars and harp. The main singer is the guitarist Charis Karantzas.

Although the members of the group are deeply routed in the Jazz-tradition, their approach for the project is such as you normally find only in pop-or rockgroups. In the foreground there’s not soloists or lines, but the songs, their mood and the sound of the whole. All this the band brings to life on stage. For that they get support from well known French violinist Héloïse Lefebvre as well as number one call bass-players Thomas Stieger and Bernhard Meyer.

Live Line-Up: Héloïse Levebvre - Violine, Markus Ehrlich - Tenor Saxofon, Charis Karantzas - E-Gitarre, Gesang, Thomas Stieger/Bernhard Meyer - E-Bass, Christian Tschuggnall - Schlagzeug, Komposition