Lausitzer Platz 8A, Berlin, Germany

Fri, 10 May 2019
Show starts: 19:30

Yaron Herman Trio

Yaron Herman is a world class pianist that seems to be destined for the superlative. Despite his young age he has toured every continent, headlined countless of television broadcasts worldwide and has been critically acclaimed throughout the musical world. No doubt he belongs to the vanguard of the world’s most imaginative artists whose masterful piano playing mixes extreme virtuosity and a razor-sharp wit. Together with Sam Minaie from the Band ‘The Dø’on the double bass and Ziv Ravitz on the drums they form Yaron Herman Trio.  Expect a synthesis from all the musical influences that shaped Yaron Herman over the past decades, including everything from classic to rock and even electronica. The sound of the group aims to ultimately blur the lines in between pop, classic and jazz music.