The idea for XJAZZ Festival emerged due to the exciting and versatile cultural melting pot Berlin had become over time in the new millennium’s first decade. Since its first edition in 2014 XJAZZ has come a long way. Always questioning predominant dogmas on what music and culture is expected to be, makes XJAZZ more than a regular club festival. Not only has the festival has become a platform for cultural and social inclusion by providing an exciting program for young and old, centered around the Berlin jazz scene. Moreover, it frames the birth of previously unseen artist constellations which play exclusively in the course of XJAZZ Festival. Thus XJAZZ defies and pushes the boundaries of artists, listeners and venues alike.

For its musical and artistic paradigm XJAZZ is dedicated to incorporate the curiosity and playfulness of iconic jazz legends, newcomers and locals into the cutting edge of intriguing electronica, the transcendence of new classical music and the drive of unique singer/songwriter formations.


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