Date: May 16, 2021

New Past feat. Eden & Philo 

Natalie Greffel on her own already is like a particularly restless chameleon. She is a singer, instrumentalist, composer and arranger in one. Stylistically, the young artist’s numerous works are wide-ranging – she has collaborated with artists such as Radio Citizen, Onom Agemo and the Disco Jumpers, Kevin Sholar, Karl Hector and the MalcounsNatedal and many more. This time, Natalie Greffel is joined by drummer, percussionist and producer Philo, who has worked with artists such as Mine, FatoniChefket or Megaloh, as well as multi-instrumentalist Eden Girma who is guaranteed to put your mind at ease with spellbinding soundscapes in no time at all. The three artists have created New Past as a political commitment dedicated to unravelling collective and individual history through music. 

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