• XJAZZ2022


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One ticket - two concerts: A special evening in the Emmauskirche, the heart of Kreuzberg. 

First concert 19:30H - 20:30H:

The jazz clarinetist Rolf Kühn and the classical clarinetist Sebastian Manz, both two award-winning international stars in their scene, have known each other for many years and have a high regard for each other and each other's work. So much so that Rolf Kühn had the idea of bringing their respective duos on stage together. Rolf Kühn plays with his duo partner Sebastian Sternal, and Sebastian Manz & Studnitzky play the OPUS Klassik award-winning electro-acoustic project "A Bernstein Story".

Second concert 21:00 - 22:00H:

LELÉKA is a young multicultural Berlin based quartet around the Ukrainian singer Viktoria, whose voice determines the character and atmosphere of their music. The widerange from dynamic grooving passages to tender folk music ballads, finds the perfect setting in a contemporary jazz vernacular, which the quartet has developed into a diversified concept. It is a successful example of a young formation that occupies a well considered place within this borderline-smashing genre.

Apr 24, 2022