FABIA MANTWILL live @XJAZZ! Festival 2021

Fabia Mantwill - saxophone, voice
Stephan Braun – cello
Charis Karantzas - guitar
Thomas Kolarczyk – bass
Marc Michel - drums

The award-winning and internationally successful vocalist, saxophonist, composer and conductor Fabia Mantwill builds bridges between jazz, folk and film music with breathtaking ease. Not only does she bend and blend genres effortlessly, but she also incorporates traditional musical harmonies from a variety of distant cultures all over the globe. By unifying all these influences with her quintet, she creates a musical language which is hard to match in terms of honesty, directness and soulfulness. 

WWW: http://www.fabiamantwill.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/fabiamantwill/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/fabiamantwill

Put on your headphone or your Soundsystem, lean back and enjoy.

recorded & mixed by Wanja Hüffel

Live Stream Video Team Producer: Avia Shoshani https://www.instagram.com/aya.loveu/

Director/DOP: Adriana Berroteran https://adrianaberroteran.com/

Assistant Director: Kristine Bogan http://www.kristinebogan.com/

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