NEW PAST FEAT. EDEN & PHILO – live @XJAZZ! Festival 2021

Natalie Greffel - Vocals, E-bass, double bass, percussion (band leader)

Eden Girma - vocals, laptop, keyboard, trumpet

Philo - E-drums, drums, laptop


Natalie Greffel on her own already is like a particularly restless chameleon. She is a singer, instrumentalist, composer and arranger in one. Stylistically, the young artist's numerous works are wide-ranging - she has collaborated with artists such as Radio Citizen, Onom Agemo and the Disco Jumpers, Kevin Sholar, Karl Hector and the Malcouns, Natedal and many more. This time, Natalie Greffel is joined by drummer, percussionist and producer Philo, who has worked with artists such as Mine, Fatoni, Chefket or Megaloh, as well as multi-instrumentalist Eden Girma who is guaranteed to put your mind at ease with spellbinding soundscapes in no time at all. The three artists have created New Past as a political commitment dedicated to unravelling collective and individual history through music.


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Put on your headphone or your Soundsystem, lean back and enjoy.

recorded & mixed by Wanja Hüffel

Live Stream Video Team Producer: Avia Shoshani

Director/DOP: Adriana Berroteran

Assistant Director: Kristine Bogan

Live Stream Operator/Editors: Katerina Temkina Lukas Thielecke

Production Manager: Irem Avci

Camera Operators: Kimani Schumann Elisa Daniel Bethania Medina

Second Unit Camera Operators: Celeste Call Philomena Wolflingseder

Camera Assistants: Sonja Madani Alexander Humphrey

Gaffer: Anke Riester

Best Boy: Khaled Rezek

Light Assistants: Maxim Westermann Harebell Suzuki Sven Paetsch Ari Palma Giovanni Macaluso Vivian Köneke Philip Walderdorff

Art Director: Adam Munning

Set Designer: Kai Chase-Meares

Content Editor: Heiko Ritt

Panels Editor: Lena Weller

Film & Video Equipment provided by UFO FILMGERÄT GmbH

Special Thanks to Dino Berlin