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In collaboration with JAZZ:RE:FOUND/IT & ARROZ ESTUDIOS/PT we announce an OPEN CALL for musicians, audio producers and visual artists for artistic residency within "7THEX" project.

The "7th Extinction" project is based on the book "The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert, and is an international artist residency project focusing on the most pressing issues of evolution, extinction and environmental crisis.

The project explores the role of human life in the crisis and the ways in which humans have responded to it and looks at the impact of human creativity and activity on the global crisis and how it is affecting the global economy, society and environment, enhancing the capacity of human creativity to initiate a process of rebirth.

This international residency project wants to encourage the artistic world to deepen the theme of the relationship between man and nature. From here the invitation to create a musical and multimedia production that keeps track of the changes taking place, translating the forms of nature, its interactions with the anthropic universe and the controversial outcomes of this relationship in a musical and visual code, capable of involving the listeners through a new perceptive experience. A symbolic story that intends to stimulate a process of awareness of the dynamics in progress, inviting reflection and action.

From the 7.5.2024 on at Emmauskirche, 2 projects of the '7th EX ' ARTISTIC RESIDENCY will be presented:

  • ‘OUT OF FOCUS’: Interdisciplinary installation

  • ‘DOUBLE LIFE‘: Immersive audiovisual ecosystem in a 𝘀𝘂𝗯aquatic scape