Cycles Collective
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Cycles Collective

The Cycles Collective invites you to "Expressions: The Opening Ceremony".

A night of sounds, words, movements, and connections.

The Cycles Ensemble
Mulay  & Band
Moses Yoofee  & Àbáse  & Ziggy Zeitgeist

The Cycles Collective  invite the trio behind their own short film's soundtrack - The Cycles Ensemble - made up of Sofia Eftychidou (Double Bass), Marius Dick (Saxophone), and Moses Yoofee (Piano), to be joined by special guests Miriam Adefris (Harp) and Robi (Modular Synthesis), whom will be beginning the evening with soundscapes of textural improvisational jazz. Following up this special musical showing will be the powerful local, Mulay & band, who's serving of Neo-Soul and RnB performances will lead us through to the final act; the incredible collaboration between some of the city's finest young jazz prophets; Moses Yoofee, Àbáse, and Ziggy Zeitgeist, and band.

Joining the event will be the very special spoken-word artist, Jumoke Adeyanju, also known as the founder of Berlin's very own Poetry Meets.

Scent artists Anna Thomas & Mareike Bode will be pleasing our olfactory senses throughout the evening with their own concoction of natural oils & fragrances.

This opening night of XJAZZ 2022 aims to showcase the progressions of local jazz music in the heart of Berlin, and display its depth and variety in an intimate yet free space. Join us in this celebration of local talent - in an effort to acknowledge and appreciate the flourishing scene that embeds itself within the city.

Date: 04.05.2022 20:00

Lausitzer Pl. 8 A
DE - 10997 Berlin

DOORS: 19:00H
START: 20:00H