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JAZZAHEAD! CLUBNIGHT: Natalie Greffel / Wanubalé / Daniel W. Best // Bremen / 2G

  • Apr 30 2022 - May 01 2022

CLUB @ Theater Bremen
Aftershow: Daniel W. Best (XJAZZ / Best Works)
SA 30.04.22., 22 Uhr, Kleines Haus / entry 21 Uhr

In cooperation with XJAZZ.
At the jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT, XJAZZ once again presents the sound of a new jazz generation that is conquering the world from Berlin. With Natalie Greffel and Wanubalé, two live acts will be guests who stand for fascinating and stirring sound designs beyond genre conventions. Afterwards, Daniel W. Best will play one of his DJ sets that are in demand worldwide.
On her breathtaking solo debut album "Para Todos", singer and bassist Natalie Greffel combines her deeply personal search for the cultural connection between Mozambique and Brazil and the torn history of the African diaspora with the warmth and dreamlike intimacy of música popular brasileira. In doing so, she takes her listeners on a musical journey that reimagines old stories and celebrates them in her own unique way.
Wanubalé is a collective of nine young musicians who bring to the stage a sensational blend of styles with an incomparable energy. Influences from modern electronic music combined with jazz, funk and dub make for an explosive mix that gets into your legs while satisfying every musical demand.
As a music activist and DJ, XJAZZ co-founder Daniel W. Best has more than two decades of experience behind the decks. The sound with which he brings his audiences worldwide into ecstasy constantly changes between jazz, soul, reggae, rare groove, disco and house - sometimes all in one set, always from vinyl.

Apr 27, 2022