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Krytpox Label

Kryptox is a 3 year old label that is dedicated to the many new musicians and bands working on new forms of psychadelic music, neo jazz, new for of electronica mixed with live musicianship. Artists such as Ralph Heidel, Niklas Wandt, Spiritzualic Enhancment Center release their debut albums on Kryptox. In 2022  two albums are coming by Joel Holmes & ZFEX, who also showcasing the XJazz vs Kryptox Session Show. Last year guest- producers Brian Eno and Mouse on Mars helped on productions (on the album of greek harpist Sissi Rada). Kryptox also release two compilations (vinyl) dedicated to the whole new german jazz and live band spectrum: Kraut Jazz Futurism. Showing a whole new lanscape of young international bands from all parts of the world living or working in Germany. Kryptox is a sub-label of Toy Tonics and Gomma Records. Creative direction by Mathias Modica.
The label also releases a series of Jazz re-edition records names Illegal Jazz. Made by Delfonic & Kapote.

A harp virtuoso and electronic producer born in Athens, living in Germany, Sissi Rada is blooming in Berlin’s vibrant avantgarde scene. The young artist has received several awards and, in addition to other projects, also plays in the Berlin Philharmonic and contributes as an author to various blogs. As a solo artist, her music is characterized by an artistic balancing act between classical and avant-garde, inviting to dance and dream alike.

05.05.2022 (Thursday)
Lausitzerplatz 8a
DE - 10997 Berlin

DOORS: 20:30H
START: 21:00H



14H - 16H Tina Edwards
16H - 18H Dimitra Zina
18H - 19H Joel Holmes Band
19H - 21H Delfonic & Kapote
21H - 22H Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

08.05.2022 (Sunday)
Schleusenufer 3
DE - 10997 Berlin

DOORS: 13:30H
START: 14:00H