Mustache Funk @ FreiluftKino Hasenheide on the 31th of July!
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Mustache Funk @ FreiluftKino Hasenheide on the 31th of July!

Fundraiser Event for Ukraine

The early 70s is a golden epoch of our popular music. Hundreds of songs of exquisite beauty. Groundbreaking sound. Futuristic suits. How and whence could all of this emerge in a Soviet socialist republic?! How did a brand new music scene, original in sound and philosophy in every way, and at the same time absolutely in sync with global music trends come forth? Signature music, in a nutshell! Smerichka, Berezen, Dzvony, Vodograi, Mriya, Svityaz, Zhyva Voda, Berkut, Vizerunky Shliakhiv, Muzyky, Kobza, Arnica and hundreds of them ensembles …practically in every Ukrainian town. They weren't that fond of the Soviet label «VIA». And since neither of us is fond of this acronym, let us rechristen this music! The film is produced by the TTM studio with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Idea and screenplay by Vitalii "Bard" Bardetskyi, director - Oleksandr Kovsh, DOP - Sergii Mishchenko, producer - Andrii Granytsia.

START: 18:30