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Uri Gincel Trio - Love through the stained glass

Coming from Tel Aviv pianist Uri Gincel moved to Berlin in 2009, and quickly became one of the most important  piano  players  in  the  Berlin  jazz  scene.  Shortly  after  his  arrival,  he  met  the  Danish  bassist Andreas Lang and the German drummer Moritz Baumgärtner. Starting with jazz standards and classic piano trio sound, the three go on a quest for new forms, sounds and colors. With mutual trust, great joy, always ready to risk, but never losing the focus on their common language, the Uri Gincel Trio creates an intensive, multi-faceted world of musical improvisation, sound and traditions. And they are back with a new album! LOVE THROUGH THE STAINED GLASS"The Uri Gincel Trio’s second album is a beautiful manifestation of an evolution of Jazz that has been going on in Berlin. The album is so rich with bold and saturated melodies, never afraid to ride a catchy riff. That represents a kind of broad-shoulderedness the genre has been lacking sometimes in the past decades and yet it is seamless while still delivering a cutting-edge sound."-Max Langfeldt Arte TRACKS, 3sat KulturzeitUri says about the second album of the trio: “We tend to look at our past loves through the tainted filter that is our memory, we reshape it and invent a romantic scape, an almost perfect ideal and image that shows how much beauty our soul is capable of. Looking at the same love through the music lets us step out to a safe sanctuary and incase that feeling in a frame, letting other people stare at it and create their own realm.The  musicpreserves  that  emotion in  a sincere  way,  while  keeping the  intensity  of  the  moment  at  its highest  peak.  Among the  beauty  and  happiness  it  retains  also  the  pain  and  longing inside  a  timeless capsule  and  by  doing so  it  frees  us  to  heal the  wounds,  reflect  and  grow,  for  without  real  honesty  to ourselves we are bound to forever remain a step away from what can truly be called “Love”; Love that is a constant evolving force, that is the courage to let go, that inspires your soul to expand in ways you wouldn’t dare even imagining. Love of one person, that proves love for everyone. Love that opens all doors in one's heart and allows someone else to do with it as they will. Love that is not escaping one's loneliness but rather an art that one cannot live without.This  album is  a portrait of my attempt to go down the corridor of my past loves  in different periods, from hopefulness and infatuation, moments of depression and deep regrets to beautiful realizations of truth after soul searching and the scent of love that remains in me, in the music.”

Apr 21, 2022