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  • Dec 17 2022 - 9:00 pm
  • ÆDEN
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XJAZZ! is returning to Club Aeden for one last dance this year with an amazing live act and DJs from the Berlin scene!

Limited capacity - Tickets can be booked in advance!


22:00H         DJ DANIEL W.BEST
23:30H         RAS (live)
00:30H         DJ NOMAD
02:30H         MINCO (B2B) EDDY RAMICH

Due to sickness our live act GOTOPO can't performe on Saturday.

But we are happy to announce that we found another amazing act in such a short notice: RAS. 

Based in Berlin via rural Israel, RAS are comprised of of multi-instrumentalists and producers Dekel Adin, Eden Leshem, and Guy Gefen. They came together as RAS in 2018; a deep appreciation of international sounds that cross common ley lines has resulted in a melting pot of influences. Their creative palette is relatively minimal, opting to work with a toolkit of analogue instruments and improvisational recording styles. Mixing surrealism, in-jokes and nonsensical word patterns, their lyrics are sung in Hebrew. The vocals are there to support the music, acting as another instrument in the overall sound.

MINCO, an international DJ from Berlin, has her taste and choices influenced by her African roots. Her sets emerge through the relationship between the spontaneous inner child and technically precise and seasoned musician. Behind the decks Minco plays music from the source of unshakable presence carried through percussive energies, powerful and expressive groove.

DJ EDDY RAMICH is one of Croatia’s long time veterans in the eclectic and house scene. He has greatly influenced the development of festivals in Croatia, making him one of the key figures in the Southeast European dance music scene. 

DJ NOMAD does not necessarily put a label on his style , but  always expresses love for Polyrythms, Soulful harmonies and the African drums and Percussion. He’s notorious for finding fresh world music dance tracks all around the globe, before they become hits, and a massive collector of Tropical Soul, Funk and Disco.

DJ DANIEL W. BEST has over two decades of experience behind the decks, getting crowds onto their feet whether he plays jazz, soul, reggae, rare groove, disco or house – sometimes all within the same set, always on vinyl. At a time when djing is less about connecting with music lovers and more about branding, play counts and frequent flyer miles, his approach is so straightforward that it’s almost groundbreaking: an egoless passion, a fine-tuned ear and most important, an open mind with good taste.

See you there!

Dec 14, 2022