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XJAZZ! IMPROVISED SESSION presents Àbáse & Eric Owusu (Sunday)

The duo is celebrating global grooves here! Àbáse aka Szabolcs Bognar & and Eric Owusu are not only performing but fusing West African and Brazilian music with modern elements, pulling together strands of music and culture, being true cosmopolitans and ambassadors of the Berlin vibe.

On the XJAZZ! FESTIVAL 2023 both musicians performed several times: as a part of the OPENING CEREMONY, on stage with DUMAMA and SONIC INTERVENTIONS, and as a final chord of the festival Àbáse presented a DJ set. And guess what: we still couldn‘t get enough of them!

XJAZZ! has long-term friendship with both musicians through the festival‘s lifeline and we are always intrigued and excited to watch them bringing together new collaborations and projects. 

We are more than excited to introduce the track "Orbit Sirius (Sunmo Mi Ee)" from Abase‘s upcoming album “AWAKENING”, performed during XJAZZ! FESTIVAL 2023 in our improvised studio at Freischwimmer.

The album “AWAKENING” will be released in early 2024 and it is highly recommended to keep an eye on it!

Hear Àbáse LIVE on the 22. OCTOBER in Emmauskirche within XJAZZ! project SUPER SILENT. Find the tickets here!

Oct 6, 2023