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Aka Kelzz

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The Drama Series - an audio TV show. Created in the depths of AKA KELZZ’ bedroom, this production is all about going on a journey through the thoughts and feelings "You may have been hiding from". Gently settling you in, through the introduction and whisking you through the internal challenges whilst tickling your senses. With a Pleasant and uplifting end to help you to continue on the rest of your way. Upon the release of Chasing which is the debut single from the EP, this track will take you on a galactic and spacey journey to clear your mind. For AKA KELZZ this is an audio experience to step away from their typical RnB sound and create something even more deep and meaningful, joined with the thickest bassline and encompassing voice. Even with this step outside of what they have previously released, Chasing was well received and showcases this upcoming artist variety with the follow up single Full Circle which circles back to the more traditional RnB and Neo-Soul influences. 

Jul 7, 2022