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  • XJAZZ2022

Aron Ottignon Trio

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© Photo by Aron Ottignon

There’s no light without darkness. There is no order without chaos. In an everchanging world of polarities the process of creation is fueled by the inexhaustible wealth of information emanating from this primordial paradox.

The Aron Ottignon Trio ft. Helin Ulas and Jan Leipnitz is a creative unit tapping into the root causes of human existence only to bring forth the light of beauty.

They are Three of One. Aron forges new worlds from Analog Synth, Electric Piano and Drum Machine. Helin uses her own and artificial intelligence to modify and project the spectrum which surrounds us while we are awake. Jan provides breath and rhythm by means of the primal instrument – the drums.

Together they invent a mesmeric audiovisual performance. Every time. New.

Starting from minimal but meticulous preparation they trust their shared creative mind to lead the audiences from one dimension to another. We all are one.

Apr 21, 2022