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They say SHALOSH is one of the most impressive Israeli piano trios, that belongs to the current generation of cross-genre jazz groups. We say SHALOSH is also a strong team of three beautiful spirits that bring together all their values and philosophy into their music, sharing the stage and the life path. We met SHALOSH in Tel Aviv during Israel Music Showcase Festival, where we were not interviewing them, but having an honest conversation full of fun and empathy.

SHALOSH performs at XJAZZ! FESTIVAL 2023 on 12.MAY, don‘t miss the chance to hear them live and get your FESTIVAL PASS here!

Gadi Stern (G) – piano

David Michaeli (D) – double bass

Matan Assayang (M) - drums

You will never believe but I

D: I am younger than Gadi and Matan.

G: I slept really well last night.

M: we are playing together for 10 years, but every time I play with these guys I feel like it‘s the very first time.

I think people should never

G: Be focused on themselves too much

D: Use violence against someone who is weaker than them.

M: Stop listening to themselves, to the environment, to others.

When I grew older I‘ve realized

M: that I don‘t know shit about music!

D: that everything happens for a reason and you need to accept everything. Just hug it and live with it!

G: Children are our biggest teachers.

If my life had a soundtrack, it would be

D: opening song from the movie “Hair” - Aquarius

G: Your life is “WOW!”, David.

I cannot imagine my life without

D: music.

M: my kid.

G: the present. I cannot imagine my life turned in any kind other way.

3 things that are always with me:

M: phone, earplugs, drum kit.

D: cigarettes, wallet, phone.

G: Hope, desperation, and joy!

When in Tel Aviv, you should visit

M: Beith Haamudim - live music every night, Abu Hassan in Jaffa - is the best hummus in the city, in Givatayim there is a very good place to eat sabih - Sabich Oved - 45-50 min waiting line and 15 min to make you the plate because the chief asks you a million questions but it‘s a great sabih and a great experience.

D: MUTFAK - Turkish shawarma which is really good.

My favorite place in Berlin is

G: Gretchen, Privat Club, and Fluxbau, Water Gate… But these are the places we were playing.

I love just walking around in Kreuzberg - the streets, the vibe, and the nice neighborhood.

There is something about Berlin, it has its own thing. There is that tranquillity but with the edge - it‘s chilled but with the fire burning.


M: the first festival that breaks the border between jazz and jazz places. For the first time, I had an opportunity to play in Watergate or Privat Club and to play a jazz act there. It‘s a wonderful feeling!

XJAZZ! is changing the way people see jazz. I think it‘s very important for future musicians.