Jazzotech Party @ SAGE BEACH BERLIN | NOV 5
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Jazzotech Party @ SAGE BEACH BERLIN | NOV 5

  • Nov 05 2022 - 3:00 pm

The Italien based label Jazz o Tech is presenting their second party at sageclub with live acts and DJs.

The party features live performances and DJ sets by the most influential musicians in the techno jazz scene.

16-18 Alex Barck (Jazzanova)
18 -19 Sebastian Studnitzky (Live set)
19-20 Mattia Prete (Jazz-O-Tech)
20-21 Fabrizio Rat (Live set)
21-22 Surprise

Techno-Jazz final jam Jazz-O-Tech is one of the most innovative voices in the modern electronic music scene promoting collaboration between electronic music producers and live musicians.