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  • XJAZZ2022

Kalle Kalima

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© Photo by Maarit Kytöharju

Kalle Kalima is interested in the "power of what is actually kitsch", to which he can give himself bluntly and honestly; he plays with it, intensifies it. The pieces that emerge have a charm

that often even surpass the seemingly unbeatable originals in this respect. Freedom and sound adventure. This is what it can sound like when three musicians take up signal-like melodies with system, wit and drive. It is the humour of serious minds that one can enjoy here, translated into sound with hand and foot. Kalima is one of the most innovative of his generation, and for this journey he has long-standing musical companions at his side in bassist Igor Spallati and drummer Christian Marien. With them, he transmits a tongue-in-cheek joy. This sweeps the listener along, who happily celebrates the clichés and at the same time cannot escape the beauty of the profound melodies.

Apr 21, 2022