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With "II" (pronounced: two) the Berlin drummer and producer "Magro" presents his new album.

After his first album "Trippin" was released in 2021 and was recently awarded with the "German Jazz Prize" in the category "Debut Album of the Year", Magro is now releasing his follow-up album with a new concept: spacy Jazz worlds meet pumping Hip Hop beats, live recordings mix with abstract synthetic productions. For Magro, the album is an "emotional expression" of how "music with a jazz attitude" sounds to him at the moment.

Most of the recordings were made with Magro's band improvising in the studio. Various guests were joining the recording sessions, including R'n'B singer Leona Berlin, singer Kenny Wesley and rapper MC Rapturous. Other features on the album are US rapper TwizzMatic and New York piano virtuoso BIGYUKI.

On his subsequent trip to Mexico and Los Angeles, Magro rounded out the material for an exciting new album: „II“. During the production process, Magro included snapshots from his journey in the form of atmospheric samples, giving the album a unique tonal diversity.

The album thrives on the multi-faceted liveliness of different influences and is definitely a further development of Magro's previous, more digital sound aesthetic. As a drummer and producer, Magro has worked with numerous artists from different musical directions: Stimulus, Yvone Mwale, J Lamotta, Tóke, Jakob Manz and Telemakus, among others. Tours and international festival appearances have taken him around the world, including Tremplin Jazz Avignon, Jazz Al Popolo Rome, Women in Music Festival Zambia, Havana World Music Festival.

Eventually he felt the urge to realize his own musical vision and launched his solo project in 2020. It is particularly important to him to bring his own sound into the world and to constantly experience new developments along the way. "I tend to take elements from different styles that influence me and mix them up to create my own version."

Aug 26, 2022