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Niklas Wandt

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© Photo by Harriet Meyer

Kryptox label member Niklas Wandt comes with his second vinyl release on the German jazz-tronica label. The German DJ, drummer, producer and radio host is by now one of the key figures in everything wild that’s coming from Berlin these days: His jazz stuff on Kryptox is just one of his many sonic faces. He is part of German language Wave duo Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge as well as a long-term collaborator of Jan Schulte aka Wolf Müller/Bufiman.

Now Wandt comes up with what could be his most out-there release. A free jazz album recorded with Swedish saxophonist Otis Sandsjö. And it might sound strange to some, but Berlin is not only known for its machine-like techno but also increasingly as one of the international centres of adventurous, genre-bending jazz and free improvisation - mostly played in small underground venues. No wonder a lot of people are getting into the improv mood more and more!

Apr 21, 2022