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Nu Genea Live Band

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© Photo by Nu Genea Band

Nu Genea is the artistic project from musicians/djs Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina. The inspirational key comes from a historiographic investigation on dance music since its first steps: following the music routes around the world, Nu Genea collect ed the sonic echoes that, down the centuries, have touched the shores of Napoli, their hometown and inexhaustible source of cross - cultural sensitivity . Their meticolous research stands out for exploring uncharted territories, scouring the music from the past and elaborating it in an original groovy equation fully pervaded by disco, funk, boogie, electronic, dub, folk and many more. After the success of the album "The Tony Allen E xperiments" (2015), a collaboration with Tony Allen - original drummer of Fela Kuti - in 2018 they ’ve released "Nuova Napoli" LP on their own label NG Records , a s tribute to their hometown: t he synthesizers fill the spaces between the past and the future, tightening in a single body acoustic instruments, electronics and voices in Neapolitan language. Th is album , much appreciated by the specialized critics, hits the market a s one of best - sell er vinyls in 2019 according to Discogs platform : #2 in Global market , #1 in Italy, # 2 in France. Nuova Napoli live band toured over prestigious clubs and festivals - from Dekmantel in Amsterdam to Strawberry Fields in Australia, from Queremos! in Brazil to C lubTo C lub in Turin, from New Morning in Paris to Strelka in Moscow . Their show s have thrilled the audience both by the great energy as full band on stage and by the sophisticated musical selection giving authentique and unusual Dj - sets . Nu Genea also curates, along with DNApoli and Famiglia Discocristiana, a vinyl digging outcome called Napoli Segreta: a compilation series focused on rescuing and re - releasing obscure and forgotten music made in Napoli from the 70s and the 80s.

Apr 21, 2022