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Saigon Soul Revival

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12. MAY

Ho Chi Minh City based band, Saigon Soul Revival has been bringing alternative pre 1975 music from Saigon back to the stage since 2016 with their live performances. Honouring the original composers, singers and the golden era from which this music (Nhạc Vàng) came while applying new arrangements and interpretations of old Vietnamese songs. With tight grooves, psychedelic textures and a powerful unique sound, SSR has performed countless shows at a variety of venues across Vietnam, including major events like Quest Festival, Vibe Nation and Mui Ne Music & Art festivals. In 2017 they also took part in the nationally known „Ban Nhạc Việt“ (known in the west as „The Band“) TV format and accompanied live the two release tours to the Saigon Supersound Compilation releases in Vietnam.

Jul 7, 2022