THE 7th EXTINCTION PROJECTS: 'OUT OF FOCUS' & 'DOUBLE LIFE', © provided by 7th EX artists
 provided by 7th EX artists
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Through the half year of the 7th EXTICTION international residency program conducted by XJAZZ! FESTIVAL in collaboration with Jazz:Re:Found Festival and Arroz Estudios our selected artists are ready to present two art installations: ‘OUT OF FOCUS’ &  ‘DOUBLE LIFE’

The 7th Extinction is an international project of artistic residency focused on the most pressing issues of evolution, extinction and environmental crisis. 

The project aimed at pointing out the key role of human life in its artificial elements in activating the current global crisis and, simultaneously, revealing the potential of human creativity in starting a process of rebirth.

‘DOUBLE LIFE: Immersive audiovisual ecosystem in a 𝘀𝘂𝗯aquatic scape.’ by Ellen King, Teresa Arega, Julia Lema Barros.

© image by Ellen King, Teresa Arega, Julia Lema Barros

An installation experience that challenges conventional anthropocentric narratives, urging us to (re)consider our connection with technology, nature, and the fundamental ooze of existence. 

How can we redefine our connection to nature amidst the shifting tides of modernity? What narratives emerge when we acknowledge and embrace the agency of non-human entities within the intricate web of life? 

The technological gesture is becoming imperceptible; it’s increasingly difficult to discern who’s who in a mime game between humanity and environmental preservation processes.

‘Out of Focus’ Interdisciplinary installation by Bahzad Sulaiman Daniele Patton Diego Gonzalez Gabriele Bertotti.

© image by by Bahzad Sulaiman Daniele Patton Diego Gonzalez Gabriele Bertotti

'Out of Focus' invites viewers to explore the intricate relationship between humanity and the planet. Delving into both the microscopic and macroscopic worlds, it challenges us to confront what may be overlooked in our perception of reality's intricacies. 

Amidst the haze of existence, the installation prompts us to contemplate the profound impact of our actions on Earth and the boundaries of nature. Through an abstract narrative, viewers are guided to ponder their interconnectedness with the natural world, while also questioning our understanding of time and its subjective nature. 

Combining visual elements, soundscapes, and tactile experiences, 'Out of Focus' offers a transformative journey. Each moment within the space encourages reflection on our environmental responsibility and the consequences of our actions on the planet. 

Both projects will be presented during the XJAZZ! FESTIVAL at Emmauskirche from Wednesday 8.5.2024 till Sunday 12.5.2024

The attendance is free of charge!