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© Photo by Ingo Stahl

The KBCS represents the coming together of four very uniquely gifted, yet complementary, musicians. Drummer Lucas Kochbeck adds his talents to the recordings of retro-loving contemporaries such the Bacao Rhythm And Steel Band and the Colemine Records family. Keyboard whiz Nicolas Börger is very much an in-demand, sound-centric master of the blacks and whites, in the same way that guitarist Lars Coelln lends his skills to a myriad of works across the sonic spectrum. Completing the quartet, bottom end provider Daniel Stritzke adds a little freeform jazz and HipHop attitude to the mix, but even then you can find his bass holding things down on crossover hits galore. 
Given their background, this project allows all four musicians a sense of creative freedom they perhaps don’t find elsewhere in their musical 9 to 5. It’s a natural evolution from being sidemen and session musicians to taking centre stage together and allowing themselves to be more experimental with their output. This is music from the heart; a document of their coming together; and music that needs to be heard live!

Apr 21, 2022