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turista per sempre

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© Photo by Turista per sempre
 Photo by Turista per sempre

Turista Per Sempre are a trio made up of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Matteo Capreoli; drummer and vocalist Benny Glass & his bass playing and culinary genius of a brother, Joscha. All three are based in Berlin, Germany and make dreamy, hopelessly romantic multilingual love songs that tell tales of the ironies of life.  
The lead cut from the EP, "La Vague", is - as you might expect from the title - sung in French and was a song that came to this sweet-sounding triumvirate almost out of the blue. The lyrics don’t exactly make sense, nor should they, as Turista Per Sempre’s music is more about creating an image in the listener’s mind via the feelings that are triggered by those words.

Apr 24, 2022