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Uri Gincel Trio - Special Filmed Released Concert + Guests @XJAZZ! Church

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Uri Gincel is an intense live spectacle on the piano with a singular voice in the shape of jazz to come. A unique performer full of surprise and wonder, he draws from wealth of sounds, styles and cultures of both his homebase Berlin and his world travels to create his very own fluent and distinct musical narrative.

Mentored by the late, great Arnie Lawrence (founder of “New school” NY), and a recipient of the prestigious “America-Israel cultural foundation” prize, Gincel has recorded and toured the world with projects and musicians such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, “Bonaparte”, Ronnie Burrage and many others.

Time and again, he has demonstrated his ability to bring young audiences back to live jazz music, bridging the gap between the electronic club scene and the revival of acoustic jazz through his residency at the Zigzag Jazz Club (3 times Applaus “best jazz club Germany” winner), where he has gathered an almost cult-like following.

Uri Gincel is joined by Tobias Backhaus, one of Germany’s most versatile and impressive drummers that has shared the stage with Till Brönner, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Thomas Quasthoff, The New York Voices and NDR Big Band to name but a few, as well as the incredibly melodic and solid bassist Paul Kleber, known for his work with Jazzanova, Studnitzky and Fink.

Over countless appearances, the new trio evolved into a rare and strong cohesive unit with a thrilling and unmistakable sound that is all their own.

Gincel’s new album is a mesmerizing fountain of depth, dynamics and passion. With guest musicians and a few more surprises, prepared a unique, hip and eclectic night for your ears, eyes and soul.


May 16, 2022