XJAZZ! is nominated!
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XJAZZ! is nominated!

We are proud to be nominated for the Berlin Music Commission award for social responsibility in the music field. 

During the XJAZZ! Festival in May we started providing the Ukrainian initiatives program that brought awareness to the war and collected money for the fund-raising organisation “Children of Heroes”, which supports children from Ukraine. 

Since May till now we‘ve collaborated with jazz festivals and public venues from Germany and worldwide by promoting Ukrainian video and audio art, selling Ukrainian thematic posters, showcasing Ukrainian artists. 

We want to thank our partners, who were engaged in the project and motivated by love and empathy!

Short film “Voices” 

Directed by Anatolii Sachivko, Kiyv 

Music - Andrew Pokaz, Pokaz Trio, Odesa 

Camera - Angel Angelov, Kiyv 

Dancers - Apache Crew, Kiyv 


Curated by Ievgen Velychev, Banda Agency, Kiyv 

Artists: Anna Sarvira, Anton Abo, Ievgen Velychev, Oleksandr Shatokhin, Oksana Kurmaz, Simka Shpin, Tania Yakunova, Webad 

Movie “Vodurudu 

Directed by Anatolii Sachivko, Kiyv 

Camera Nikita Kuzmenko, Kiyv 

Starring Apache Crew, Kiyv 

… more collabs are coming soon! STAND WITH UKRAINE!