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© Photo by Chassol

Christophe Chassol, born in 1976, discovered music at the age of four. The son of a father who was an amateur saxophonist, he, the "Black Kid", went to the conservatory while others joined the army. He spent 16 years there, first learning harmony, scales and melody. In the mid-90s, Chassol was drawn to dark cinema halls, where he composed for the big screen, television, and advertising for fifteen years. Between 1994 and 2002, Chassol found time to become a conductor and eventually discovered the world of pop music while accompanying Phoenix and Sébastien Tellier. The young doppelganger of Jean-Michel Basquiat performs the arragements on Tellier's "Politic" (2004). As a student of the school of minimalist music (Steve Reich, John Adams) and a passionate follower of pop culture, the Parisian loves to leave the beaten track as seen in his music shows.

Apr 21, 2022