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This event is free of charge, but needs a registration.

Start: 7 PM.

Meet our new project JAZZ KONTAKT in collaboration with Music Export Ukraine – an initiative aimed at sharing the vibrant music movement of Ukraine with the world. In the context of Ukraine's transition from wartime to post-war reconstruction, this project takes on a unique identity, addressing not only the musical journey but also the broader social norms and communities affected by the aftermath of conflict. The project holds profound relevance for the local Ukrainian community and cultural organizations as it contributes to the redefinition of their shared vision in a post-war setting. By actively engaging with clearly defined communities, the project JAZZ KONTAKT promotes inclusiveness, celebrates the beauty of diversity, and demonstrates resilience in wartime.

The first celebration of JAZZ KONTAKT is happening on 7.5.2024 at the XJAZZ! FESTIVAL at Emmauskirche.

The grand opening event symbolizes the resilience of Ukrainian artists and their journey from wartime experiences to post-war reconstruction. The event will include a folk band “Shchuka Ryba” and jazz trio from Ukrainian FUSIONJAMS community, accompanied by two Berlin-based instrumentalists. The event will start with the panel discussion on the theme of the cultural rebuilding in post-war time.

SHCHUKA RYBA, a folk group from Kyiv, Ukraine, formed in 2018 at the Ivan Honchar Museum. Comprising skilled ethnologists and folklorists, they focus on preserving traditional Ukrainian music and customs. Their repertoire features authentic songs from central Ukraine, performed without modern arrangements. SHCHUKA RYBA blends traditional sounds with contemporary instrumental music, breathing new life into age-old melodies. They're not just performers; they're cultural custodians, bridging the past with the present through their captivating musical endeavors.

FUSION is a vibrant contemporary jazz community from Kyiv, Ukraine. FUSION was founded in 2019 when they created a series of events to provide space for collaborations among musicians. Over the past five years, it has become a vibrant community that has birthed numerous projects.

The JAZZ KONTAKT project is implemented by XJAZZ! FESTIVAL with support of IZOLYATSIA foundation, Trans Europe Halles and Malý Berlín and co-financed by the ZMINA: Rebuilding program, created with the support of the European Union under a dedicated call for proposals to support Ukrainian displaced people and the Ukrainian Cultural and Creative Sectors.

Apr 3, 2024