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XJAZZ! and the Analogue Foundation present 'Entangled Grounds: The Sound of XJAZZ! Berlin'

XJAZZ! and the Analogue Foundation are proud to present 'Entangled Grounds: The Sound of XJAZZ! Berlin', a compilation that celebrates identity, innovation and collaboration from across the city’s musical landscape. It follows a shared journey which has taken place over the last ten years which has seen XJAZZ! become a cornerstone of Berlin culture, quietly bridging the gap between musicians, listeners and producers from across the globe. It has borne witness to the birth, growth and flourishing of musical communities, as well as deep and profound collective exchanges between musicians and music-lovers. It has become a way of defining a community, a shared knowledge of moments which have been unfolding in Berlin, which might seem intangible to those who were not there.

‘Entangled Grounds’ is an attempt to capture some of these moments and showcase the musicians who are part of the landscape. Recorded over five wintery days in 2023 at Brewery Studios, unique collaborations were made alongside individual artists to showcase the sound so often experienced each year at XJAZZ!. Featured artists included Szabolcs 'Szabi' Bognár (Àbáse), Moses Yoffee, douniah, Sera Kalo, Sofia Efto, Z.F.E.X, Wayne Snow, Sonic Interventions, Sofia Efty, Petter Eldh and a specially commissioned suite featuring A Song For You with string arrangements from Zacharias Falkenberg.

Follow me, a collaboration with Àbáse and bassist Petter Eldh, exemplifies the electro-acoustic duality ubiquitous in modern jazz, whilst Ohm Eleven crafts a moody fusion of soul, hip-hop and complemented by the featured vocals of Wayne Snow. This is complemented by Still Waiting highlighting Moses Yoffee's signature sound alongside the vocals of Zuza Jasinska, as well as AFENI by Sera Kalo, showcasing her dynamic vocal freedom. Interwoven within this is douniah’s In The Middle Of The Night and Sofi Efti’s Sunflower, soulful and poetic pieces to contrast with Zachrias S. Falkenburg’s full-throttle riot Maximum Boredom and the dance style of Z.F.E.X’s Lady in Scarlett . Sonic Recharge, a collective of diasporic improvisers from the middle-east, South America and Africa, showcase the full spectrum of sound in the city’s make-up in Can’t Uproot Me. The XJAZZ Suite! culminates the recording— an epic fourteen-minute masterpiece shifting through orchestral motifs, lush harmonies, and an oasis of sound. 

Connection is collaborative; what isn’t heard on the album is all the contributions made outside of the recording sessions. From the venues to the promoters and the audience to the musicians, these all inform the community and facilitate creativity. The album is a celebration of identity, innovation, resilience, and interconnectedness—music as a vital connection worth cherishing.

First single will be out on XJAZZ! MUSIC on 12.4.2024

Apr 5, 2024