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Natalie Greffel Quartet

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© Photo by Geraldine Hutt

The act of discovering one’s own musical heritage has never sounded more inviting, more transportative,  than through the skilled hands and mellifluous voice of prize-winning recording artist, instrumentalist, composer and arranger Natalie Greffel. 

Her music goes through a universe of it’s own which unites the old stories of wailing jazz, earthy sounds of nature with the joyful flows of MPB (Música popular brasileira). As Natalie takes the audience through a celebration of its own, one feels more than inclined to forget about tomorrows dull routines and worried frowns and enjoy a musical trip which she provides together with her three people power band.   

We’re happy that Natalie is also part of the XJAZZ! Festival as a curator this year.

Apr 21, 2022